This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database, sorted by their last names. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Surname Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Clark Randell Francis, |f [I0022] 1610   Dewye, Thomas (The Settler) |fp [I0000]  
Coper Dorythe, |p [I0018] about 1546   Russell, Rychard |p [I0017]  
Cowlstans Edith, |p [I0034] ~ 1556 22 Jan 1601 Moore, Thomas |p [I0004]  
Dewe Alice, |t [I0027] about 1560     Dewe (Dewye), Richard (Rici) |p Mother, Thomas b1577 |a
  Richard, |p [I0026] 1576   Fennell, |t |t [I0031] Dewe (Dewye), Richard (Rici) |p Mother, Thomas b1577 |a
  Thomas, |t [I0030] ~ 1545     Dewe?Dawe?Dewy, b1517 |a
Dewe (Dewye) Richard (Rici), |p [I0006] 1547   Mother, Thomas b1577 |a [I0028] Dewe?Dawe?Dewy, b1517 |a
Dewe?Dawe?Dewy b1517, |a [I0029] ~ 1517    
Dewey Thomas, |f [I0023] 16 Feb 1640 20 Mar 1690 Hawes, Constant |f [I0024] Dewye, Thomas (The Settler) |fp Clark Randell, Francis |f
  Thomas, |f [I0025] 26 Mar 1664 1665   Dewey, Thomas |f Hawes, Constant |f
Dewy John, |p [I0012] 15 Apr 1609 29 Aug 1659 Scot, Ann |p [I0013] Dewye, Thomas (Snr) |tf Moore, Mary |tp
Dewye Ales, |p [I0010] 1602     Dewye, Thomas (Snr) |tf Moore, Mary |tp
  Elizabeth, |p [I0009] 1596     Dewye, Thomas (Snr) |tf Warham, Agnes |t
  John, |p [I0008] 1591     Dewye, Thomas (Snr) |tf Warham, Agnes |t
  Mawd, |p [I0011] 1605   Scott, Edmond |p [I0037] Dewye, Thomas (Snr) |tf Moore, Mary |tp
  Thomas (Snr), |tf [I0001] 10 Feb 1577 1636 Moore, Mary |tp [I0002], Warham, Agnes |t [I0007] Dewe (Dewye), Richard (Rici) |p Mother, Thomas b1577 |a
  Thomas (The Settler), |fp [I0000] 1606 27 Apr 1648 Clark Randell, Francis |f [I0022] Dewye, Thomas (Snr) |tf Moore, Mary |tp
  Thomas, |p [I0014] 5 Nov 1646 27 Jun 1703   Dewy, John |p Scot, Ann |p
  William, |t [I0033] 1577 2 Sep 1610   Dewe (Dewye), Richard (Rici) |p Mother, Thomas b1577 |a
Fennell |t, |t [I0031] about 1586   Dewe, Richard |p [I0026]  
Hawes Constant, |f [I0024] 1642 1703 Dewey, Thomas |f [I0023]  
Hyatt T&E_Child1, |a [I0042]       Hyatt, Thomas |p Russell, Elizabeth |p
  Thomas, |p [I0043] about 1580   Russell, Elizabeth |p [I0021]  
Kendall Margerie, |p [I0045] about 1580   Moore, Thomas |p [I0004]  
Lucas Em, |t [I0032] about 1572   Russell, Robert |p [I0015]  
Moore Father Of Thomas, |a [I0039] ~ 1526    
  John, |p [I0005] 1607 1677   Moore, Thomas |p Kendall, Margerie |p
  Mary, |tp [I0002] 30 Oct 1586 24 Nov 1637 Dewye, Thomas (Snr) |tf [I0001] Moore, Thomas |p Cowlstans, Edith |p
  Richard, |p [I0040] about 1569   Russell, Mary |p [I0041] Moore, Father Of Thomas |a
  Tbd, |a [I0044]       Moore, Richard |p Russell, Mary |p
  Thomas, |p [I0004] ~ 1556 1645 Cowlstans, Edith |p [I0034], Kendall, Margerie |p [I0045] Moore, Father Of Thomas |a
Mother Thomas b1577, |a [I0028]     Dewe (Dewye), Richard (Rici) |p [I0006]  
Mother of Ann Alice, |a [I0036]     Scott, John [I0035]  
Russell Elizabeth, |p [I0021] 1607   Hyatt, Thomas |p [I0043] Russell, Robert |p Lucas, Em |t
  Henry, |t [I0020] 1573     Russell, Rychard |p Coper, Dorythe |p
  John, |p [I0019] 1570 26 Aug 1633   Russell, Rychard |p Coper, Dorythe |p
  Mary, |p [I0041] about 1570 1595 Moore, Richard |p [I0040] Russell, Rychard |p Coper, Dorythe |p
  Robert, |p [I0015] 1567   Lucas, Em |t [I0032] Russell, Rychard |p Coper, Dorythe |p
  Rychard, |p [I0017] about 1540 6 Aug 1586 Coper, Dorythe |p [I0018]  
Scot Ann, |p [I0013] 1621   Dewy, John |p [I0012] Scott, John Mother of Ann, Alice |a
Scott Edmond, |p [I0037] 1602   Dewye, Mawd |p [I0011] Scott, John Mother of Ann, Alice |a
  John [I0035]     Mother of Ann, Alice |a [I0036]  
Warham Agnes, |t [I0007] 10 Jul 1578 1 Mar 1600 Dewye, Thomas (Snr) |tf [I0001]