This page contains an index of all the sources in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a source’s title will take you to that source’s page.

Number Author Name
1 1841 Census [S0002]
2 1851 Census Index [S0035]
3 1851 Census [S0003]
4 1861 Census [S0004]
5 1871 Census [S0005]
6 1881 Census Index [S0008]
7 1881 Census [S0007]
8 1891 Census [S0011]
9 1901 Census [S0009]
10 1911 Census [S0010]
11 1939 Register [S0060]
12 keithatkinson1956 1956 Keith Atkinson Family Tree [S0083]
13 Mike Sheppard Ancestors Of MK Sheppard 20.5.2008 [S0045]
14 Anne Tiller Anne Cole FT [S0065]
15 Announcement in newspaper [S0012]
16 Stephanie Wolters Beardsley-La Plant Tree [S0087]
17 zanharrison55 blundell Family Tree [S0077]
18 Barry Bridges Bridges FT [S0069]
19 pearldaisy Brooks Hearn FT [S0098]
20 ian_campkin Campkin FT [S0064]
21 Jonathan Carter Carter Family Tree [S0088]
22 Citation Text: Married a William Holtrup [S0145]
23 lisa_jmt Cole FT [S0063]
24 gillellard Colin Ellard FT [S0068]
25 Commonwealth War Graves Commission [S0018]
26 Lynette Jones Divehall-Blundell [S0076]
27 DNA Match [S0074]
28 Dorset BMD 1538-1812 Ref: PE/H1M.RE1/1 [S0027]
29 David Warn DWarn Family Tree [S0062]
30 Lindsay Elliot FT Elliot and Jenkins [S0096]
31 Eileen Reynolds email [S0051]
32 Marie Powell email [S0052]
33 Footnote: 1851 census [S0142]
34 Footnote: Baptism Cert [S0135]
35 Footnote: Brenda A (Steel) Watkins 1995 [S0140]
36 Footnote: Brenda A (Steel) Watkins [S0141]
37 Footnote: GRO Birth Cert [S0138]
38 Footnote: GRO Index [S0133]
39 Footnote: IGI 1882 [S0136]
40 Footnote: IGI 1992 [S0137]
41 Footnote: Parish Register [S0139]
42 paulforeman110 foreman Family Tree [S0080]
43 Son of Lily Gale Gale Family Tree [S0049]
44 Bernard Swain Gale Tree [S0070]
45 Hank Jones George Spelvin-Jones Family Tree [S0044]
46 GRO Birth Certificate [S0013]
47 GRO Birth Index [S0014]
48 GRO Death Certificate [S0015]
49 GRO Death Index [S0016]
50 GRO Marriage Certificate [S0017]
51 GRO 1869Q3 GRO Marriage Index [S0116]
52 philmstill HARRIS Tree [S0079]
53 Claire Hawkins Hawkins FT [S0093]
54 Terry Dewey [S0050]
55 IGI [S0020]
56 Import from F21B_TnODBrnch_2019-04-25.ged [S0001]
57 Import from F21B1_TerryD_K427.ged [S0000]
58 Information from a relative [S0021]
59 Richard Wood Josephine Wood Family Tree [S0081]
60 Kevin Kates kates Family Tree [S0071]
61 Jenny Timmins Kite FT [S0048]
62 Brook Lott Lott FT [S0094]
63 anitamc_1 McDrury Couch Family Tree [S0058]
64 Monumental Inscription [S0023]
65 Other source [S0026]
66 Evong Sampson P A Sampson Family Tree [S0053]
67 Parish Register [S0100]
68 PeterGibson76 Peter Gibson FT [S0097]
69 John & Veronica Price FT [S0061]
70 Chris Read Read Family Tree_2015 [S0091]
71 Register of Electors [S0030]
72 helenthompson264 Sands Family Tree [S0078]
73 Dawn Elliott Scott Family Tree [S0073]
74 Mike Sheppard Sheppard FT [S0047]
75 Karen Tull Skinner FT [S0072]
76 julie still still Family Tree [S0082]
77 roserobert_1 Stoddart FT [S0075]
78 Rhys Taylor Taylor FT [S0066]
79 David Warn The Dewey Family [S0055]
80 neilturner128 turner [S0067]
81 US Census [S0085]
82 Vital Records Index, British Isles, 1998 [S0031]
83 C Laine & P White Warminster in the 20th Century [S0057]
84 Waterman's and Lighterman's Apprentice Bindings Index (Robert J Cottrell) [S0032]
85 Mike Deveney Watkins Family Tree [S0084]
86 pedlar2772 wells Family Tree [S0089]
87 Various Wikipedia [S0099]
88 Terry Dewey zDeweyL207.odt [S0043]
89 Terry Dewey zDeweyM131 [S0056]
90 Terry Dewey zDeweyN201.odt [S0046]
91 TMDewey zSteelL528 [S0054]