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Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
( (Maybe d 1853 DEC Bromley 2a132) [P0529]        
  (Maybe d 1856 Jun Bromley 2a xxx) [P0143]        
  (Maybe d 1864 Jun Bromley 2a 166 as Rose Ann) [P0145]        
1 1 Lucan Close (from Aunt Annie, Dec 1997) / Sibsey Bottom, Lincolnshire PE22 0SH / [P0193]        
  1 Miriam Road, East Plumstead [P0174]        
  1 Sunbury, St Woolwich [P0733]        
  13 Nichol Lane, Bromley, Kent [P0190]        
  136 The Vista, Eltham, aged 84 [P0232]        
  15 Court, Lower Rushall Street, Walsall, Staffordshire [P0079]        
  15 Feb 2014 - in hospital for lung cancer treatment [P0164]        
  16 Elizabeth Place, East Milton, aged 15 days [P0111]        
  16 Elizabeth Place, East Milton, aged 3 months [P0108]        
  16 Stanhope Road, Swanscombe, aged 73 [P0511]        
  1841 at Perry Street, Chislehurst with family of William & Sarah [P0525]        
  1851 - Granddaughter of John (bu maybe not of Sarah Roffee) [P0601]        
  1851 aged 19 at Holborn, London, born Frome, Somerset [P0584]        
  1851 at 57A Gt Coramp, St Geo Bloomsbury as a servant [P0586]        
  1851 HO107/1507 f161 p53 [P0587]        
  1851 HO107/1513 f318 p45 [P0585]        
  1851 in Elm with James & Eliza Jones (sister) [P0589]        
  1861 in Paddington, 22, Servant (as Francis) [P0590]        
  1871 maybe in London [P0169]        
  1881 MAR Blything 4a 889 [P0685]        
  1881 not found [P0170]        
  1888 DEC Blything 4a 1681 [P0667]        
  1901 & 1911 at George Inn, Erlestoke, Wiltshire [P0027]        
  1901 census with William & Eliza Dale and family [P0132]        
  1911 at 2 St Margaret’s Road, Perry Street, Northfleet [P0119]        
  1911 at Plumstead [P0226]        
  1911 at Woolwich [P0432]        
  1911 census with Henry Arthur & Annie Sarah Dale and son [P0133]        
  1:40 at Medway Crematorium [P0114]        
2 2 Canal Cottages, Gravesend [P0056]        
  23 High Street, Leiston, Suffolk, aged 79 [P0395]        
  23 Morley Road, Plaistow (West Ham RD) [P0522]        
  25 Wairoa Street, Dunedin, New Zealand [P0136]        
  26 Bedford Road, Reading, Berkshire [P0501]        
  28 Clarence Road South, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset [P0446]        
  28 Factory Road, Northfleet [P0076]        
  28 Raglan Road, Plumstead [P0424]        
  28 Vicarage Street, Warminster [P0462]        
3 3 Blunts Road, Eltham, aged 72 [P0041]        
  30 Durham Road, Plumstead [P0368]        
  30 Empress Road, Gravesend, Kent, aged 66 [P0104]        
  37 Elliott Street, Gravesend [P0065]        
  37 West Hill, Dartford, Kent [P0228]        
  38 Pound Street, Warminster, Wiltshire [P0559]        
  39 Vicarage Street, Warminster, Wiltshire [P0283]        
4 44 Gordon Road, Northfleet, Kent [P0400]        
  45 Station Road, Plumstead [P0293]        
  47 Lamorna Avenue, Gravesend [P0127]        
5 5 Elm Grove Street, Plumstead, Kent [P0224]        
6 65 Station Street, Northfleet [P0116]        
7 7 Melbourne Pier, Gravesend [P0156]        
  76 Grangehill Rd, Woolwich [P0738]        
8 86 Little Heath Road, Bexleyheath, aged 85 [P0225]        
A Acton, London [P0759]        
  Addington Church [P0307]        
  Aldershot, Hampshire [P0263]        
  Also known as Betty [P0420]        
  Also known as Elizabeth [P0324]        
  Also known as Frederick Frank Dewey [P0033]        
  Also known as Sarah [P0406]        
  Also known as Susanah [P0456]        
  America [P0580]        
  Amesbury RD [P0265]        
  Apprenticed as a Waterman at Gravesend to George John Wills. Free 13 Mar 1913 [P0128]        
  Armsworth, Hampshire (Arlesford RD) [P0348]        
  Ash Street, Surrey [P0261]        
  At 19 Jellicoe Avenue in 1938 [P0180]        
  At 19 Jellicoe Avenue in 1938, 32 Elm Road in 1954 [P0062]        
  At 19 Jellicoe Avenue in 1939, 32 Elm Road in 1954 [P0101]        
  At 32 Elm Road in 1954 [P0186]        
  At 32 Elm Road in 1954 and 1997 [P0063]        
  At Chislehurst in 1861 census. RG9/464 f54a Perry Street, Chislehurst. [P0038]        
  At Chislehurst in 1901 & 1911 census [P0030]        
  At Chislehurst in 1901 census [P0044]        
  At Chislehurst in 1901 census. [P0039]        
  At Gravesend in 1861 census [P0074]        
  At marriage, she named her father as Frederick William Read. [P0177]        
  At Warminster in 1901 census [P0289]        
  Aylesford, Kent [P0697]        
B Bapton, Wiltshire [P0550]        
  Bapton, Wiltshire (maybe) [P0546]        
  Barking, Essex [P0779]        
  Barming, Kent [P0570]        
  Battle RD [P0466]        
  Bayswater, London [P0751]        
  Bedford [P0069]        
  Belvedere, Kent [P0763]        
  Bermondsey, Surrey [P0778]        
  Bermonsey, London, Bermondsey, Surrey [P0542]        
  Bexley RD [P0278]        
  Bexley, Kent [P0317]        
  Bexleyheath, Kent [P0345]        
  Bidborough, Kent [P0704]        
  Biddenham [P0066]        
  Biddenham, Bedfordshire [P0064]        
  Birling, Kent [P0239]        
  Birmingham RD [P0181]        
  Birth 1858 SEP Read, Maria S Blything 4a 580 [P0536]        
  Birth 1860 JUN Read, Eliza Mary Ann Blything 4a 647 [P0538]        
  Birth at Frome not found in GRO index [P0592]        
  Birth indexed as Harriot Campion [P0524]        
  Boston RD [P0191]        
  Bournemouth [P0153]        
  Boxford, Berks [P0720]        
  Bradfield, Berks [P0698]        
  Bradley, Wiltshire [P0426]        
  Bramley, Hants [P0709]        
  Brentford, Middlesex [P0540]        
  Bridge RD [P0167]        
  Bridge Street, Frome, aged 51 (1846 SEP Askell, George Frome 10 257) [P0460]        
  Bridgend, Glamorgan RD, aged 73 [P0354]        
  Bristol RD [P0257]        
  British Hospital, Samuel Street, Woolwich [P0165]        
  Bromley RD [P0046]        
  Bromley RD, aged 0 [P0258]        
  Bromley RD, aged 1 [P0599]        
  Bromley RD, aged 57 [P0045]        
  Bromley RD, aged 65 [P0198]        
  Bromley RD, aged 69 [P0050]        
  Bromley RD, aged 87 [P0141]        
  Bromley RD, aged 92 [P0527]        
  Bronchitis [P0093]        
  Bronchopneumonia [P0115]        
  Bronchopneumonia. Acute cholecystitis [P0131]        
  Bronchopneumonia. C.V.A. (Cerebrovascular Accident = Stroke) [P0103]        
  Buckland Hospital, Dover [P0029]        
  Bucklebury, Berkshire [P0234]        
  Burham, Kent [P0696]        
  Burton RD [P0372]        
  Burwash, Sussex [P0344]        
  Butts, Frome, Somerset [P0588]        
C Calne, Wilts [P0734]        
  Camberwell [P0035]        
  Camberwell Parish Church, Surrey [P0620]        
  Canada (probably) [P0541]        
  Cardiac failure. Senile myocarditis [P0078]        
  Catania War Cemetery, Sicily, Italy, grave I.F.48 [P0183]        
  Catania, Sicily, Italy [P0182]        
  Cerebral Apoplexy. Last fit 6 hours [P0073]        
  Chaddleworth, Berks [P0719]        
  Charlton, Kent [P0451]        
  Chatham [P0398]        
  Chatham Register Office [P0622]        
  Chelsea [P0750]        
  Chelsfield, Kent [P0040]        
  Chelsfield, Kent as Emily Parnell Whitehead [P0042]        
  Chislehurst, Kent [P0036]        
  Chitterne, Wiltshire [P0553]        
  Christ Church & Gravesend Cemetery, aged 83, from 49 Princes Road. (CG 2212-B16) [P0054]        
  Christ Church, Bexleyheath [P0611]        
  Christ Church, Gravesend [P0013]        
  Christ Church, Sidcup [P0614]        
  Clapham, Surrey [P0741]        
  Clapp Hall, Gravesend [P0579]        
  Cobham [P0251]        
  Cobham, Kent [P0576]        
  Cobham, aged 44 from Henhurst [P0399]        
  Cobham, Kent [P0090]        
  Cobham, Kent aged 1 3/4 from Ifield [P0095]        
  Cobham, Kent, aged 86 [P0253]        
  Cobham, Kent, from Cobham College, aged 74 [P0397]        
  Cobham, Kent, from Cobham College, aged 80 [P0249]        
  Codford St Mary [P0418]        
  Codford St Mary, Wiltshire [P0031]        
  Codford St Mary, Wiltshire, aged 12 [P0558]        
  Codford St Mary, Wiltshire, aged 1year 4 months [P0556]        
  Codford St Mary, Wiltshire, aged 37 [P0554]        
  Codford St Mary, Wiltshire, aged 73 [P0301]        
  Codford St Mary, Wiltshire, from Wylye [P0555]        
  Codford St Peter, Wiltshire [P0562]        
  Conway Springs, Kansas, US [P0711]        
  Cork, Ireland [P0326]        
  Coronary atrery disease. Arteriosclerosis [P0100]        
  Corton, Wilts [P0749]        
  County Hospital, Dartford, Kent, aged 38 [P0245]        
  Cowden, Kent [P0713]        
  Crayford, Kent [P0777]        
  Crockerton, Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire [P0279]        
  Croydon RD [P0625]        
  Cuckoo’s Corner, Neatham (Alton RD) [P0378]        
  Cudham, Kent [P0769]        
D Darent Valley Hospital [P0218]        
  Dartford RD [P0149]        
  Dartford RD (1907 SEP) [P0244]        
  Dartford RD (1917 MAR Not Swanscombe CofE) [P0648]        
  Dartford Register Office [P0630]        
  Dartford, Kent [P0210]        
  Denton, Kent [P0097]        
  Denton, Kent, aged 73 [P0091]        
  Denton, Kent, aged 78 [P0087]        
  Deptford, Kent [P0053]        
  Devizes RD [P0642]        
  Diarrhoea. Wasting [P0110]        
  Diarrhoea. Wasting & exhaustion [P0112]        
  Died of a heart attack, about 23 Apr [P0384]        
  Died of cancer as Maureen Joan Cox. Had recently remarried [P0386]        
  Ditton, Kent [P0572]        
  Divorced [P0380]        
  Dorchester [P0786]        
  Dover RD (probably) [P0608]        
  Dulverton, Somerset [P0708]        
  Dunedin, New Zealand [P0120]        
E East Barming, Kent [P0659]        
  East Knoyle, Wilts [P0695]        
  East Malling, Kent [P0766]        
  East Peckham, Kent [P0271]        
  East Wickham, Kent [P0299]        
  East Wickham, Kent, aged 59 [P0237]        
  East Wickham, Kent, aged 75 [P0235]        
  East Wickham, Kent, aged 85 [P0327]        
  Elm, Somerset [P0034]        
  Elm, Somerset, aged 66 [P0286]        
  Eltham Crematotium at 1:15pm, aged 74 [P0168]        
  Eltham, Kent [P0026]        
  Emigrated to New Zealand about 1967 [P0122]        
  Epping RD, aged 93 [P0139]        
  Erith, Kent [P0762]        
  Erlestoke [P0732]        
  Eynesford, Kent [P0743]        
F Farnborough Hospital, Kent, aged 81, of 3 Blunts Road, Eltham [P0037]        
  Farnborough, Kent [P0200]        
  Farnham RD (1908 MAR) [P0677]        
  Fawley, Berkshire [P0304]        
  Fisherton Bapton, Wiltshire [P0547]        
  Fisherton de la Mare, Wiltshire [P0521]        
  Fisherton De La Mere, Wiltshire [P0548]        
  Fisherton Delamere, Wiltshire [P0552]        
  Fletching, Sussex [P0086]        
  Found in 1861 & 1871, but not 1841, 1851, 1881 census indexes [P0464]        
  France (maybe at Somme) [P0346]        
  France, aged 30 (WW1) [P0607]        
  Frindsbury, Kent [P0574]        
  Frome RD (Maybe) [P0583]        
  Frome, Somerset [P0287]        
  Frome, Somerset, aged 3 [P0591]        
G Galley Hill, Swanscombe [P0331]        
  Gillingham, Dorset [P0785]        
  Grantham, Lincs [P0773]        
  Gravesend [P0467]        
  Gravesend Cemetery, aged 3 months, from Elizabeth Place [P0109]        
  Gravesend Cemetery, aged 31, from Canal Cottages [P0058]        
  Gravesend Cemetery, aged 49 [P0067]        
  Gravesend Cemetery, aged 5 months [P0223]        
  Gravesend Cemetery, aged 69 [P0072]        
  Gravesend Cemetery, aged 76, from 100 All Saints Road [P0080]        
  Gravesend Cemetery, aged 78, from Primrose Terrace [P0405]        
  Gravesend Cemetery, aged 81, from 49 Princes Road [P0082]        
  Gravesend Cemetery, aged 85, from 100 All Saints Road, Northfleet (PG 2945-B1) [P0441]        
  Gravesend RD [P0185]        
  Gravesend Register Office [P0621]        
  Gravesend, from 48 Sheppey Street, Northfleet [P0071]        
  Gravesend, Kent [P0012]        
  Gravesend, Kent, aged 89 [P0099]        
  Great Cheverell, Wilts [P0694]        
  Great Elm, Somerset [P0285]        
  Great Elm, Somerset, aged 82 [P0288]        
  Greenwich RD [P0297]        
  Greenwich, Kent [P0320]        
  Guy’s Hospital, London, aged 29 [P0117]        
H Had cancer for 18 months [P0255]        
  Halstead, Kent (Sevenoaks RD) [P0373]        
  Halstead, Kent or Shoreham, Kent [P0052]        
  Hampstead [P0534]        
  Hampstead RD [P0605]        
  Hampton Middlesex [P0776]        
  Hanover Square, London [P0758]        
  Has much Steel family data on his PC [P0366]        
  Hayes, Mdlsx [P0760]        
  Heart failure. Coronary thrombosis. Carcinoma of left lung [P0105]        
  Heddington, Wilts [P0784]        
  Hempnall, Norfolk [P0454]        
  Hendon RD [P0356]        
  Higham, Kent [P0363]        
  Hindon, Wiltshire [P0567]        
  Hinton Martell [P0782]        
  Holy Trinity, Dartford [P0401]        
  Holy Trinity, Gravesend [P0002]        
  Holywell Park Home, Hodsoll Street, aged 103 [P0113]        
  home [P0436]        
  Honiton RD [P0385]        
  Horley, Surrey [P0705]        
  Horton Kirby, Kent, aged 73 [P0129]        
  Hunslet, Yorkshire [P0745]        
I Ifield [P0096]        
  Ifield Church [P0408]        
  Ifield, aged 17 [P0094]        
  Ifield, Kent [P0070]        
  Ifield, Kent, aged 3 months, from Milton [P0602]        
  Ifield, Kent, aged 37, from Denton [P0098]        
  Ifield, Kent, aged 4 months, from Denton [P0173]        
  Ifield, Kent, aged 5 weeks, from Denton [P0171]        
  Ifield, Kent, aged 71, from 52 Wrotham Road [P0578]        
  Ifield, Kent, aged 72, from 52 Wrotham Road [P0593]        
  Ifield, Kent, aged 73, from Denton [P0092]        
  Ifield, Kent, aged 78, from Denton [P0088]        
  Ifield, Kent, from Denton [P0172]        
  Ilford, Essex [P0780]        
  In 1891 & 1901 census at Southwark [P0499]        
  In 1891 &1901 census at Southwark [P0497]        
  In 1891 census at Warminster as Nellie [P0503]        
  In 1901 census as F William Read [P0425]        
  In 1901 census at Southwark [P0504]        
  In 1911 census at Haslemere, Surrey [P0517]        
  Ireland [P0772]        
  Isle of Wight [P0653]        
  Islington RD [P0478]        
K Kansas, USA [P0771]        
  Keevil, Wilts [P0748]        
  Kensington, London [P0753]        
  Kent [P0084]        
  Kingston, Surrey [P0457]        
  Knockholt, Kent [P0770]        
  Known as Alice [P0048]        
  Known as Belle [P0049]        
  Known as Bert [P0379]        
  Known as Betty [P0352]        
  Known as Bill [P0061]        
  Known as Britter, which was the surname of her late first husband [P0083]        
  Known as Charlie [P0214]        
  Known as Cis [P0349]        
  Known as Dolly [P0298]        
  Known as Don [P0020]        
  Known as Emily [P0043]        
  Known as Florrie [P0369]        
  Known as Harry [P0375]        
  Known as Horrie. Rheumatic fever weakened his heart [P0123]        
  Known as Jim [P0106]        
  Known as Joan [P0295]        
  Known as Joseph [P0290]        
  Known as Joy [P0381]        
  Known as Leah [P0284]        
  Known as Marlane Hudson before marriage [P0507]        
  Known as Pat [P0358]        
  Known as Rene [P0006]        
  Known as Rose [P0146]        
  Known as Sophia in 1861 census [P0537]        
  Known as William (1871) [P0140]        
  Known as Winn [P0107]        
L Lambeth RD [P0468]        
  Laurel Villa, Shoulder of Mutton Green, Welling, Kent, aged 76 [P0318]        
  Leamington Spa, Warwickshire [P0606]        
  Leeds [P0746]        
  Leiston Church, Suffolk [P0661]        
  Leiston, Suffolk [P0394]        
  Leiston, Suffolk (1858 SEP Blything 4a 580) [P0535]        
  Leiston, Suffolk, aged 64 [P0465]        
  Leiston, Suffolk, aged 73 [P0403]        
  Leiston, Suffolk, aged 75 [P0463]        
  Leiston, Suffolk, aged 81 [P0455]        
  Lewis Frederick Read is named as her father on her birth certificate. [P0176]        
  Lewisham (maybe) [P0510]        
  Lewisham RD [P0367]        
  Likely Chelsfield [P0707]        
  Little, Essex [P0781]        
  Lived at 147 Church Road, Swanscombe in 1951 [P0335]        
  Liverpool [P0735]        
  LIves at Sittingbourne [P0160]        
  Lives at St Mary’s Bay, Romney, Kent [P0163]        
  Lives in Canada [P0365]        
  Living at 4 High Street, Welling in 1899 [P0564]        
  Living in Sibsey, Boston in 1998 [P0192]        
  Living in Tottenham in 1881 [P0430]        
  LIvingstone Hospital, Dartford, aged 81 [P0333]        
  Lockinge, Berkshire [P0303]        
  Ludgershall, Wilts [P0699]        
  Lydd, Kent [P0277]        
M Maiden Bradley, Wilts [P0717]        
  Maidstone RD [P0692]        
  Malling RD [P0691]        
  Malling Union Workhouse, East Peckham, Kent, aged 68 [P0238]        
  Margate Crematorium [P0024]        
  Margate, Kent aged 69 [P0019]        
  Marlbrough RD [P0519]        
  Marriage not found in England & Wales or Overseas 1907 to 1918 [P0347]        
  Martson Bigot, Somerset [P0643]        
  maybe [P0520]        
  MAYBE (1851 DEC Warminster 8 313) [P0569]        
  MAYBE (1857 SEP Warminster 5a 89) [P0568]        
  Maybe - 1885 DEC Mary Ann Wyatt St Saviour 1d 259 [P0686]        
  Maybe 1961 DEC Dartford RD aged 76 [P0060]        
  Maybe Henry Albert 1906 Dartford [P0374]        
  Maybe not a daughter. Not found after 1841 census [P0526]        
  Medway Crematorium at 2.40 pm [P0219]        
  Medway Crematorium at 2pm [P0437]        
  Medway RD [P0377]        
  Melksham, Wilts [P0730]        
  Meopham, Kent [P0254]        
  Midgham or Woolhampton, Berkshire [P0236]        
  Midgham, Berkshire [P0302]        
  Milton Church, aged 22, from Denton [P0201]        
  Milton Church, Gravesend [P0057]        
  Milton Church, Gravesend, from 3 Canal Cottages [P0121]        
  Milton Church, Gravesend, from Denton [P0202]        
  Milton, Kent [P0126]        
N New Inn, Silver Street, Warminster [P0296]        
  New Inn, Silver Street, Warminster, Wiltshire [P0025]        
  New Zealand [P0768]        
  Newton Abbott RD [P0679]        
  No christening found in Chelsfield [P0144]        
  Norfolk [P0724]        
  North Aylesford RD, aged 82 [P0539]        
  North Bradley, Wilts [P0701]        
  Northfleet Cemetery, aged 29 [P0118]        
  Northfleet Cemetery, aged 83, from 28 Factory Road, Northfleet [P0077]        
  Northfleet Cemetery, aged 86, from 28 Factory Road, Northfleet [P0332]        
  Northfleet, Kent [P0205]        
  Not found after 1841 census [P0533]        
  Not found in 1871 or 1881 census indexes [P0147]        
  Nunney, Somerset [P0731]        
O Ontario, Canada [P0764]        
  Orpington Hospital, Kent, aged 93 [P0102]        
  Orpington, Kent [P0075]        
  Otford, Kent [P0715]        
P Paddington, London [P0752]        
  Perry Street, Chislehurst, aged 84 [P0600]        
  Perry Street, Chislehurst, Kent [P0028]        
  Pimlico, Middlesex [P0447]        
  Pleuro Pneumonia [P0089]        
  Plum Park Hotel, near Towcester [P0612]        
  Plumstead [P0021]        
  Plumstead, Kent [P0305]        
  Poplar, Middlesex [P0204]        
  Poulshot, Wilts [P0718]        
  Pound Street, Warminster, Wiltshire [P0280]        
  Primrose Terrace, Gravesend [P0404]        
  Progressive paralysis, more than 1 year [P0338]        
  Prospect House, Trudoxhill, Nunney, Somerset [P0032]        
R Raggleswood, Lubbock Road, Chislehurst, Kent [P0018]        
  Ramsgate [P0339]        
  Reigate, Surrey [P0706]        
  Retention of the after birth, hemorrhage and syncope [P0059]        
  Rochester, Kent [P0081]        
  Rosyth, Scotland [P0761]        
  Rotherfield, Sussex [P0138]        
  Ryarsh, Kent [P0256]        
S Salonica, Greece [P0362]        
  Saxlingham, Norfolk [P0402]        
  Saxmundham Road, Leiston, Suffolk, aged 66 [P0433]        
  Scarborough, Canada [P0514]        
  Senile decay [P0055]        
  Servant at St Marylebone in 1901 census [P0582]        
  Servant at Westminster in 1861 census [P0565]        
  Sevenoaks, Kent [P0739]        
  Shepway RD [P0047]        
  Sherrington, Bucks [P0756]        
  Shoreditch RD [P0681]        
  Shoreham, Kent [P0396]        
  Shorne, Kent [P0361]        
  Shorne, Kent (CHR not found at Shorne 1786-1797) [P0270]        
  Shot down in WW2 [P0184]        
  Shottesham, Norfolk [P0723]        
  Shoulder of Mutton Green, East Wickham, Kent [P0231]        
  Shoulder of Mutton Green, East Wickham, Kent, aged 54 [P0325]        
  Shoulder of Mutton Green, East Wickham, Kent, aged 62 [P0428]        
  Shown as Amelia in 1861 census. RG9/464 f198a Green St Green, Chelsfield [P0051]        
  Shrew, Wilts [P0726]        
  Sidcup, Kent [P0528]        
  Singapore [P0664]        
  Sittingbourne, Kent [P0159]        
  Snodland, Kent [P0328]        
  Somerset [P0459]        
  South Darenth, Kent [P0742]        
  South Glamorgan RD, aged 41 [P0357]        
  Southampton area aged 86 [P0022]        
  Southend on Sea RD [P0179]        
  Southwark, London [P0515]        
  Speldhurst, Kent [P0744]        
  St Alphage, Greenwich [P0322]        
  St Alphage, Greenwich, Kent [P0626]        
  St Botolph, Northfleet [P0209]        
  St Botolph, Northfleet & 7 Oct 1860 at Frindsbury [P0206]        
  St Botolph, Northfleet, aged 26, from Perry Street [P0203]        
  St Botolph, Northfleet, aged 9 months, from Northfleet [P0211]        
  St Botolph, Northfleet, from 23 The Hill [P0124]        
  St Botolph, Northfleet, Kent [P0660]        
  St Denys, Warminster [P0282]        
  St George, Gravesend [P0222]        
  St James, Gravesend [P0577]        
  St John, Welling, of 73 Belle Grove [P0355]        
  St Lawrence, Kent [P0531]        
  St Luke, Charlton, Kent [P0638]        
  St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich [P0315]        
  St Michael, East Wickham [P0023]        
  St Michael, East Wickham, aged 68, from 14 Leckwith Avenue, Belvedere [P0316]        
  St Michael, East Wickham, aged 76, from East Wickham [P0319]        
  St Michael, East Wickham, aged 80, from 34 Springfield Road, East Wickham [P0230]        
  St Michael, East Wickham, aged 84, from 136 The Vista, Eltham [P0233]        
  St Michael, East Wickham, aged 93, from 81 Bostal Lane, Plumstead [P0323]        
  St Michael, East Wickham, Kent [P0616]        
  St Nicholas Hospital, Plumstead, aged 72 [P0431]        
  St Nicholas, Chislehurst [P0598]        
  St Nicholas, Rochester, Kent [P0130]        
  St Olave RD [P0216]        
  St Olave RD, London [P0496]        
  St Paul, Clarence Park, Weston-super-Mare [P0506]        
  St Paul, Deptford [P0682]        
  St Peter, Walworth, Newington, Surrey [P0627]        
  Stockton, Wiltshire [P0646]        
  Stoneham, Suffolk [P0740]        
  Stratton, Dorset [P0787]        
  Stricture of Uretha [P0068]        
  Surrey NW RD [P0266]        
  Surrey SW RD [P0264]        
  Surrey SW RD (1936 MAR) [P0693]        
  Surrey SW RD, aged 55 [P0262]        
  Surrey SW RD, aged 63 [P0502]        
  Swanscombe Cemetery [P0247]        
  Swanscombe Cemetery, aged 73, from 16 Stanhope Road, Swanscombe [P0512]        
  Swanscombe Cemetery, aged 81, from 16 Stanhope Road, Swanscombe [P0334]        
  Swanscombe Church [P0246]        
  Swanscombe, Kent [P0208]        
  Swanscombe, Kent (probably) [P0207]        
T Taranki, New Zealand [P0767]        
  Taunton, Somerset [P0737]        
  Tenterden, Kent [P0703]        
  Thatcham, Berkshire [P0639]        
  The Green, East Wickham, Kent, aged 74 [P0427]        
  The Market, Greenwich, Kent [P0429]        
  Thurrock RD [P0416]        
  Tilshead, Wiltshire [P0417]        
  Tisbury RD [P0641]        
  Tonbridge RD [P0484]        
  Tooting [P0774]        
  Toronto, Canada [P0765]        
  Tower Hamlets [P0710]        
  Tring, Herts [P0755]        
  Trosley, Kent [P0393]        
  Trottescliffe [P0312]        
  Trottescliffe Church [P0242]        
  Trottiscliffe [P0571]        
  Trottiscliffe Church [P0229]        
  Trottiscliffe, aged 70 [P0311]        
  Trottiscliffe, aged 74 [P0306]        
  Trottiscliffe, aged 75 [P0241]        
  Trottiscliffe, aged 77 [P0272]        
  Trottiscliffe, Kent [P0227]        
  Trottiscliffe, Kent aged 43 [P0240]        
  Trowbridge, Wilts [P0747]        
  Tudley & Capel, Kent [P0712]        
  Tunbridge (1881) or Sevenoaks (1901), Kent [P0212]        
U Ufford, Suffolk [P0566]        
  Union House, Warminster, aged 75 [P0551]        
  Union Workhouse, West Malling, aged 86 [P0308]        
  Unknown [P0259]        
  Unknown (Daniel of Wickham) [P0619]        
  Unknown place, possibly at sea [P0085]        
  Urchfont, Wilts [P0727]        
  Uxbridge, Mdlsx [P0757]        
V Vicarage St, Warminster [P0729]        
  Vinter’s Park Crematorium, Maidstone, Kent [P0294]        
  Visitor at Chelsea in 1891 census [P0581]        
W W RD [P0364]        
  Warminster RD [P0513]        
  Warminster RD, aged 1 [P0422]        
  Warminster, Wiltshire [P0313]        
  West Ham RD [P0243]        
  West Hanney, Berks [P0721]        
  West Street, Warminster [P0421]        
  West Street, Warminster, Wiltshire [P0281]        
  Westbury, Wiltshire [P0560]        
  Westfields Nursing Home, West Cliff, Whitstable, Kent, aged 86 [P0175]        
  Westminster, Minster, Sheerness, Kent [P0336]        
  Weston RD [P0505]        
  White Notely, Essex [P0722]        
  Whitstable Hospital, Kent, aged 75 [P0157]        
  Willesden RD [P0645]        
  Wilton, Wilts [P0700]        
  Wiltshire [P0716]        
  Wimbourne Minster [P0783]        
  Windsor CT [P0788]        
  With family of William the Carman in 1851 census [P0523]        
  Wivelsfield, Sussex, aged 37 [P0337]        
  Woolhampton, Berkshire [P0563]        
  Woolwich 1d 1032, 1919 JUN, aged 29, maybe at Griffin Hill [P0494]        
  Woolwich Memorial Hospital [P0166]        
  Woolwich RD [P0148]        
  Woolwich RD (1872 SEP) [P0684]        
  Woolwich RD (Maybe 29 August 1934) [P0158]        
  Woolwich RD, aged 93 [P0321]        
  Woolwich Register Office [P0631]        
  Woolwich, Kent [P0314]        
  Worthing, Sussex [P0754]        
  Wrotham, Kent [P0370]        
  Wylye, Wiltshire [P0300]        
  Wymondham, Norfolk [P0725]        
Z Zion Chapel, Frome, Somerset [P0615]