1. The suffix to a person’s name consists of a lower case letter to identify the source(s):- t=text, f=FT with sources, p=parish register image, m=misc. e.g. passenger list, c=census, v=voting register, g=GRO cert. To identify the source of a DNA match, a single upper case letter, my great-grandparent’s initial (e.g. ‘D’ for Dewey, ‘J’ for Jones etc.) is used, followed by 1 or more numbers, each number identifying a specific path. This is used to mark the DNA link path up from my great-grandparent (1*G GP) to the common shared couple, and then (as near as privacy rules allow) down to the DNA match. So, for example, my 2*G GP Cornelius&Mary Dewey have the suffix ‘|gD128’ where ‘g’ shows I have GRO Certificate(s) for them, D shows the Dewey line and 128 shows 3 DNA matches to me, D1, D2 & D8; these relate to 3 of their children, D1 for Ellen, D2 for Sarah Leah and D8 for Richard Cornelius, whose specific descendants lead down to my 3 DNA matches.